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Personal and Small Business Courses
A virtual assistant works from his or her own office, offering administrative and office support services, to other companies over the Internet. As a virtual assistant you can make from $25-$50 per hour pe...
Do you fear being left behind in the internet explosion? Don't know where to start? How much richer could life be if you had your own business? Take this step-by-step class that includes how-to mentoring.
In today's global economy, an import/export business could be your ideal choice for a small business. A small company can profitably sell abroad what it markets, and goods imported from overseas can be off...
Are you finanically savvy? Everything a woman needs to know to empower her financial independence – from reducing debt and investing to wealth management and retirement planning is covered in this class.
Are you looking for ways to stretch your dollars? Coupons are like money in your wallet! Learn how to master the art of "couponing" from savings guru Ruth Soukup.
Tired of working for someone else? Stop dreaming and start making it happen! This online class provides mentoring, step-by-step techniques and strategies for getting your business up and running quickly.
Are you a mom who is full of energy, ideas, and eager to grow your passion? Learn how to create your own business around your lifestyle!
Have a favorite search engine or online directory that you use 99% of the time? Most of us do. In this class you will learn about directories like DMOZ, the popular search engines such as Google, metasearc...
Tired of fighting bumper-to-bumper traffic only to suffer through another day in a stress-filled environment? What would happen if you learned strategies used by the 16 million telecommuters who work from...
Would you like to call the shots and have more control over your time and income? Learn about what it takes to buy your own business.
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