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Computers- Software: Microsoft Excel, Word and other Office programs, Photoshop and more! Get the most out of your computer by mastering these need-to-know programs.

Life Enrichment Courses: Discover how to enrich your personal life and your career, as well balance both to achieve happiness today and for a better tomorrow.

Computers- Web and Graphic Design: Keep up with the latest software programs for greater productivity. Our courses are continually updated to provide the skills you need in today’s quickly changing world.

Freelancing and Writing Courses: There’s never been a higher demand for freelance writers. Learn to freelance and write for a living from course authors who’ve done it themselves.

Markets and Investments: Learn about the markets without all the hype. The financial markets are here to stay and with the proper education can be your tool for retiring successfully.

All our courses are taught by professionals from within the industry.