During our ten years of working with community education centers we have developed a unique combination of benefits that let you supplement your course offerings in an easy, cost-free way.

You can provide your students with additional educational content while you increase your revenue.

  • Interactive courses on practical subjects taught by real-world experts
    We offer attractive courses many students want but schools seldom offer in their own curriculum. Unlike other online course providers, we do not simply adapt books or
    use ghostwriters or boilerplates. All of our courses are custom-created for the Internet and taught by real-world experts.

  • New revenue without risk – all year
    All of our courses come with a 100% guarantee. If any student isn’t completely satisfied, we don’t charge for the course – and you incur no charges, either.
    Our courses are available year-round and students can complete them at their own pace during the six week term.

  • Easy to get started
    We have removed all the obstacles to diversifying your course offerings and growing your revenue.

    There are no contracts. There are no expenses. There is no limit to the number of students who can enroll.
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